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Information about train timings in Tunisia, Information about train travel in Tunisia.

You can also consult SNCFT's Timetables for long-distance services and for suburban services on this Internet site.
Below you will find information about getting the SNCFT Railpass CARTE BLEUE. There are also some sample fares on this site.
If you want to shot some souvenir pictures along Tunisian Railway lines and of Tunisian trains you have to produce personally a photographic permit at the SNCFT office at Tunis Ville.

SNCFT is Tunisia's National Railway Company and operates a large network for passenger and freight trains in most regions of the Republic of Tunisia. The network consists of a standard gauge (1435 mm) part in the North of the country and a much larger metre gauge network in Central and Southern Tunisia. SNCFT is transporting about 39million passengers a year. Some of SNCFT's passenger trains are of the fastest ones on metre gauge worldwide.
SNCFT offers well maintained rolling-stock, some of it very recently modernised. Direct Climatisé (Fast Air-conditioned) trains are fully air-conditioned in all three classes and subject to a supplement either in Direct and in Omnibus trains. Classes available are: First and second and in addition "Grand-confort" with more space at every place. Some trains are called EXPRESS, they have first and Grand-confort class only and a more personalized service at the seat of the passenger. This trains offers specialy short travel times between main centres along the coast. All Direct and Express trains are conveying a bar from which drinks and snacks are sold and some of them offers Internet facilities. New French-built railcars are operated as Autorail Express services, offering fully air-conditioned first class.
Omnibus (Local) and Banlieue (Suburban) trains offers normally first and second class. For every air-conditioned train (Express, Direct, Omnibus) a supplement must be paid before leaving. This may vary according to the travel distance and costs about €/US$ 0.50 to €/US$ 1.50. For Carte Bleue rates see the order form.
Please watch the photo gallery on this Homepage about Tunisian Railways, SNCFT and other carriers.

Carte Bleue Railpasses
Carte Bleue Railpasses are strictly personnalized and are sold to tunisian and foreign tourists. The Railpasses entitles you for an unlimited number of trips during a determined period in all local and long-distance trains of SNCFT. Railpasses are available for each of the three classes and for periods of validity of 7, 15 or 21 consecutive days.

In Europe Carte Bleue is sold by FAHRPLANCENTER (address: BAHNHOF; CH-6422 STEINEN SZ; SWITZERLAND). To get a Carte Bleue you should print out the order form, one for each person. This form should be sent to FAHRPLANCENTER together with a current passport photo, a copy of the passports main page with the indictaion about the passport holder and the payment for the Carte Bleue and a supplement of € 7.50 / US$ 10.00 for registered air-mail rate. All personal data protection laws will cautiously be respected. Please expect at least 4 to 6 weeks (outside of Europe 5 to 7 weeks) for delivery of Carte Bleue, so please order early.
In Tunisia Carte Bleue is sold at main stations, some great Hotels and through some travel agencies.

Please note, Carte Bleue is not valid in SMLT Tramways, SMLT electric suburban trains and on the Lézard Rouge Tourist train!      

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SNCFT and FAHRPLANCENTER wish you a happy time in Tunisia and relaxing travel by SNCFT trains.